What is DIVE?

DIVE is a concept that aims to set up a basic digital infrastructure at the government schools which will enable them to get access to education beyond academics virtually. DIVE aggregates all the virtual need into its platform and connect all the stakeholders and helps in providing education to underprivileged government school children with help of corporate volunteers. Education that should inspire and motivate children should give equal importance to both academic and non-academic education. Hence Vimové` Foundation through Project DIVE aims to focus on non-academic virtual classes for the government school children. DIVE also helps the corporate volunteers to unleash their hidden talent and passion by providing the platform to teach the students online and it even helps them to prepare for their geographically dispersed virtual teams.


India is a rapidly changing country in which inclusive, high-quality education is of utmost importance for its future prosperity. The government ensures that education is being provided to all but the quality of education being provided in poor particularly in India. For a child’s physical and mental development there needs to be a balance between academic and non-academic sessions at schools. Schools majorly focus on academic learning to an extent wherein the non-academic part of learning is too less focussed. Considering government schools, they do not give much importance to non-academic learning which is a vital component of schooling. This might be due to the lack of infrastructure or other facilities that help conduct such non-academic sessions. The absence of non-academic learning leads to lack of motivation and inspiration among children. Government school teachers most of the instances there is absence of the capabilities or knowledge related to Education Beyond academics which is pivotal in Children’s Holistic development Growth.

How it works


DIVE ensures the setting up of digital infrastructure with internet posts which enables the conduct of the virtual non-academic classes. The digital infrastructure is vital for a government school and hence Vimové, through DIVE moves one step forward towards the achievement of the SDG 4 – Quality education for all.


DIVE Aggregates all the Non-Academic Education needs by Govt schools in its database and segregates the data based on the various topics.


DIVE brings all the stakeholders together and integrates them into one platform.


Using Microsoft Teams, virtual education is scheduled by the corporate volunteer commonly at the Govt school leveraging digital infrastructure setup. The registered corporate volunteer delivers the demanded need by engaging the government school children in the virtual non-academic learning program.

Let's join, Be a part of the Change


Govt body is representative of the schools or anybody willing to represent the school for the need for virtual education.


NGO is one of the stakeholders in the platform which validates the education need created by the Govt body and adopts it and NGO can also request for the virtual education need on behalf of Govt School teacher.


Corporate need to be register before awailing the project dive and other services.

Corporate Volunteer

The corporate volunteer whose company or corporate is already registered into the platform can register themselves into the platform as a corporate volunteer and corporate volunteer can be anybody who is willing to share his knowledge and skills with the students and will be interacting with the students online.

Service Provider

Connect with NGOs and corporates digitally. Execute CSR projects. Provide updates & reports to the stakeholders.

Community Partner

Create socio-needs and participate in socio-development of the nation.

Citizen Group

Create Socio-needs and participate in Socio-development of the nation.

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Platform Features

Mobile & Web Access
Secure and Highly Scalable
Realtime Monitoring
and Data Tracking
Dynamic Dashboards
Notification & Alerts
Systematic workflows

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