Digitization of Social Development

Business Problem for Corporate CSR

We are here to facilitate…

Digitise the CSR engagements & Stakeholders' alignment.

Brand visibility, social capital investments, social partnerships, business opportunities, longterm community relationships and most importantly nation building by solving social development issues one step at a time with the advantage of ease of scalability.

Digitize employee engagement activity for societal development.

Capturing engagement hours digitally.

Our technology solution would be the 1st step towards the journey of making a “One Step Difference”.

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What We Do

Social Change Innovation

  • Social Change is a Cloud based Digital CSR Platform for Transforming the Nation.
  • Social change aggregates various social developmental needs across India.
  • Social Change integrates various stakeholders such as Corporates, NGOs, Service providers, Government, Citizen groups and Community partners.
  • Integrated One Stop Solution to manage E2E CSR Project life Cycle including Management, reports & Employee Volunteer engagement.
  • Corporates and NGOs will be able to search socio-development needs, align with stakeholders, adopt projects, monitor progress and measure impact of their CSR execution.

  • Integrated Application and Data Management between Corporate & NGOs.
  • Flexibility to Evaluate, Identify & Fund, Suitable CSR Projects Implementation.
  • Operational Efficiency, Productivity & Social Impact can be measured.
  • Charitable contribution would be more Transparent, Convenient, and Scalable & Simple to evaluate for funding.
  • Real Time Workflow Communications & Project updates to key stakeholders.
  • Management Reporting can be published for analysis and decision making.
  • Corporate can feature RFP functionality.

Social Change Digital Platform- Value Proposition

Social Change Connecting CSR Partners

The Department of Education, Government of Karnataka has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with us for the pilot of 1000 school transformation program under Education, Health, Environment etc.